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Disciplinary Actions


October 12, 2016

Kenneth Nekic, DVM

Violated Section: 4741.22(A)(25) $250 fine, CE on pharmacology documentation & submit quarterly records

August 10, 2016

G. Fred Ryan, DVM

Violated Section: 4741.22(A)(1) & (25) $500 Fine and Courses on Medical Records and Orthopedic Surgery
Richard Vago, DVM

Violated Section: 4741.22(A)(1) & (25) $250 Fine and Course on Veterinary Pharmacology

July 13, 2016

Peter Bowen, DVM
Violated Section:
Surrender license in lieu of discipline
Robert McMillin, DVM

Violated Section: 4741.22(A)(1), (21) & (25) Fine, Violated Records course and quarterly submission of medical records

June 8, 2016

Lisa Kurtz, DVM
Violated Section:
4741-1-03 OAC
Violation Fine and unannounced inspections
Stacey Gallant, RVT

Violated Section: 4741.22(A)(() & (22) ORC Surrendered license in lieu of discipline

March 9, 2016

Martha Mooney, DVM
Violated Section: 4741.22(A)(1) and (22)ORC Fine and 2 remedial courses
Thomas Wood, DVM

Violated Section: 4741.22(A)(1) & (2) ORC Fine and remedial course
Kristi Hands, RVT
Violated Section: 4741.22(A)(2), (3) & (22)

January 13, 2016

Barry Reppart, DVM
Violated Section: Section 4741.22(A)4741.22(A)(1) $750 fine and CE course

November 18, 2015

Jerome Mark Gigliotti, DVM
Violated Section: Section 4741.22(A) Fine and CE on abdominal radiology
Sylvia Collier, DVM

Violated Section: Section 4741.22(A) Fine
Michael Smith, DVM
Violated Section: 4741.22(A)(9)
Surrender license in lieu of discipline

October 14 , 2015

Robert Maro, DVM
Violated Section:
OAC 4741-1-03
Fine & unannounced inspections for two years

August 12, 2015

Jana Tuckerman, DVM
Violated Section:
Impairment Settlement Agreement
Emily Gabriel, DVM

Violated Section: 4741.22(A) CE on dental extractions
Gabrielle McBride Davis, DVM
Violated Section: 4741.22(I)
Impairment Settlement Agreement

July 8, 2015

Robert Ritchey, DVM
Violated Section: 4741.22(A) 2 week suspension, a course on pain management and a course on the use of NSAIDS and corticosteroids
Kaley Seitz, DVM Violated Section 4741.22(Z) $750 fine and course on humane handling of companion animals

May 13, 2015

Rachel Beers, RVT

Violated Section:
ORC 4741.22(I)
Monitoring Agreement with 1 year narcotic restriction
Jillian Salisbury, DVM

Violated Section: 4741.22(A) Fine, CE course & Quarterly medical records
Loretta Price, DVM Violated Section: ORC 4741.22(Y)
Fine, CE Course & Quarterly medical records

March 12, 2015

Bharat Khemsara, DVM

Violated Section:
4741.22(A) & (Y)
$2000 Fine, Courses on Radiology, Physical Examination, Medical Records and Oncology
Randall Gage, DVM
Violated Section: 4741.22(C) Assessment and compliance with recommendations
Robert Kahan, DVM Violated Section: 4741.22(AA) & (Y)
$1000 Fine, Course on Medical Records and quarterly records
January 14, 2015
Kari Derexson, RVT

Violated Section:
ORC 4741.22(I)
Settlement Agreement with Assessment provisions
Charles Moxley, DVM
Violated Section: ORC 4741.22(O) Fined
Sam Costello, DVM Violated Section:
ORC 4741.22 (O)
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