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Business Facility Permit

If you do not meet the following requirements within six (6) months of the Board receiving your application, your application will be considered incomplete. Please note: your application fee still remains non-refundable. You will be required to resubmit your application and application fee once you have met all requirements. This license only pertains to: A for-profit business entity of which a majority controlling interest is vested in individuals who are not Ohio licensed veterinarians. A nonprofit entity of which a majority of the members of the board of directors are not Ohio licensed veterinarians. The following is required in this application:

  • The name and address of the veterinary business facility
  • The name and address of each licensed veterinarian who is a resident of this state and who will be responsible for the management of the provision of veterinary services at the veterinary business facility
  • The name and address of the entity that owns, operates, or controls the veterinary business facility and, if the entity is a subsidiary of another entity, the name of its parent entity
  • Submit a fee: $300.00. All applications will be charged a $3.50 transaction fee as well.
Navigate to the new e-License Home Page at
Choose the Login / Create an Account option.
Choose the "I DO NOT HAVE A LICENSE" button.
Note: You will be prompted to enter your Social Security Number, Date of Birth, a valid email address and create a unique password.
You will then select Apply For a New License to access the application for the license you wish to apply for.

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