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Rule 4741-1-18 OAC
As a result of recently enacted legislation and an Executive Order by the Governor, Rule 4741-1-18 OAC regarding military experience and exemption has been revised to define "military" and extend the period for submitting continuing education hours for renewal. Rule 4741-1-18 OAC already waived renewal fees for active duty military veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians. The rule now reflects the definition of military and the Board's leniency for continuing education in compliance with Ohio Revised Code Section 5903.12 and Section 5903.121

Renewal Form
The Board currently utilizes on-line renewal for license renewal. Since licensees on active duty do not have to pay renewal fees, they cannot complete the online renewal. However, the Board will accept the renewal application via email at, fax at 614-644-9038, or via mail since there is no payment involved. The licensee will have to contact the Board for a paper application to be sent to them or access the blank form on the Board web site during that specific renewal period.

A document verifying that the licensee is on active duty or was honorably discharged must be sent with the renewal application. There is no designated form, but something official indicating the branch of service and dates of service.

Please note: A renewal application submission must occur each renewal cycle to maintain a license. Once a license has been inactive for four years, the licensee must reapply as if an initial license.

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