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Time Frame

The CE obtained in January and February of a renewal year can be utilized for the next renewal cycle as long as it has not been used for the current renewal. (For instance, CE obtained at the OVMA conference in February, 2012 could possibly be used for the renewal cycle in 2014 if the conference was not used for renewal in 2012.)

What meets Continuing Education Requirements?

Rule 4741-1-11 OAC details the CE requirements for licensees which deems AVMA, OVMA, RACE and university educational opportunities automatically acceptable. Additionally, Board approves the scientific continuing education opportunities and posts the list on the board web site.
You can find a breakdown of rule 4741-1-11 OAC here: Rule Breakdown

Reminder: In an emergency situation, a licensee may request a written "one-lifetime" waiver from CE during renewal. However, the hours must be made up and submitted at the next biennial renewal

Reminder: New graduates are exempt from the CE requirement for their first renewal.

Veterinary Continuing Education Tracking (VCET) is now available through the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB). It is a free service that is acceptable to the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board for submitting veterinary continuing education hours during renewal. For more information and access, go to:


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