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Laws and Rules

The five -year review for certain rules is approaching in early 2019.    The following rules are mandated by JCARR to be reviewed in 2019:  Rules 4741-1-01, 4741-1-03, 4741-1-04, 4741-1-08, 4741-1-10, 4741-1-13, 4741-1-14, 4741-1-16, 4741-1-17, 4741-1-18, 4741-1-20 and 4741-1-23, Rules 4741-2-02, 4741-2-03, 4741-2-04, Rules 4741-3-01, 4741-3-02, 4741-3-03, 4741-3-04, 4741-3-05 and Rules 4741-4-01, 4741-4-02, 4741-4-03, 4741-4-04, and 4741-4-05 of the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC).  Only minor edits are expected to these rules.  However, there is pending legislation that might require amending the rules.  Additionally, due to multiple requests, the Board may review the Continuing Education Rule 4741-1-11 OAC for modification.

Any suggested amendments to the rule will be posted on the Board’s web site for review and feedback.


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