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Laws and Rules

The Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board is required to review specific rules every five years. As a result of the review the following rules are being proposed for amendment:

  • Rule 4741-1-01 OAC sets out the requirements for certification of a registered veterinary technician initial application as well as biennial renewal. The Board has modified the rule which will enable the applicant to apply for licensure online.

  • Rule 4741-1-05 OAC provides the veterinarian prescriber direction regarding the prescribing, administering and dispensing of drugs. The proposed amendment clears up a clerical error to refer to the pharmacy laws AND rules.

  • Rule 4741-1-06 OAC describes the method of giving public notice for the proposal of adopting, amending or rescinding rules. This modification permits for electronic means of providing notice.

  • Rule 4741-1-09 OAC provides direction for the euthanasia and disposal of animals. The proposed modifications eliminates the requirements "euthanasia elsewhere" before releasing the animal.

  • Rule 4741-1-11 OAC provides the requirements for continuing education required for renewal as a veterinarian or a registered veterinary technician. The proposed revision will mirror the national standards set by the accrediting agency, as well as make it easier for the licensee to obtain continuing education via the internet.

  • Rule 4741-1-21 OAC defines requirements for Recordkeeping. Due to the major renovation of this rule, the current Rule will be rescinded with the proposed rule being filed as new. The new rule clarifies the requirements for documentation in the medical record.

  • Rule 4741-2-01 OAC describes the general provisions for a veterinary business facility license. The modification mirrors the language in the statute and clarifies which veterinary practitioner must be licensed in Ohio.

There are six rules that were reviewed that did not require any modifications.

The Board has filed Business Impact Analysis and the proposed rules with the Lt. Governor's Common Sense Initiative Office. Please provide any feedback by January 6, 2017 to and to

The Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board is beginning to review the following rules for their mandated five year rule review as well as Rule 4741-1-21 of the Ohio Administrative Code: 4741-1-02, 4741-1-05, 4741-1-06, 4741-1-07, 4741-1-09, 4741-1-11, 4741-1-12., 4741-1-15, 4741-1-19, 4741-1-22, 4741-1-25 and 4741-2-01. Once the board has reviewed, any proposed revisions will be posted on the Board web site. Feedback will be welcomed regarding these rules for review.


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