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Laws and Rules

The Ohio Veterinary Medical Board has filed proposed new, amended and No Change rules. The rules can be viewed at the Register of Ohio link:

Any comments should be provided to the Board in writing prior to the April 9, 2014 Public Hearing date. Please see the Public Hearing notice on the Register of Ohio for complete details of the hearing.

  • Proposed rules for review 2015

    The Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board is required to review rules every five years. The rules for review are 4741-1-13, 4741-4-01 to 05. The only rule recommended for amending is Rule 4741-1-18 OAC. Rule 4741-1-18 OAC is being revised to comply with HB98 and an Executive Order related to Veterans and military experience.

  • Record Keeping Rule - Anesthesia Monitoring
    In the newly revised record keeping rule a provision was added which stipulates that monitoring be documented in the medical record when anesthesia is administered. The intent of the rule is not to mandate the inclusion of detailed records of the monitoring itself but that monitoring was performed specifying the type and frequency of monitoring. There should be some documentation noting if the anesthetic procedure was normal (no detected abnormalities) or if observed, what abnormalities were observed and action taken to correct those, as well as patient's response to treatment.


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