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Limited License Renewal Information

A limited license to practice veterinary medicine issued by the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board expires biennially on the first day of July in odd-numbered years.

Each individual who holds a valid limited license will receive a renewal application in the mail in May in odd-numbered years with instructions to renew their limited license. Thirty (30) hours of continuing education is required to renew a limited license. If this is the licensee's first renewal period, they are exempt from submitting continuing education. The renewal fee is as follows:

Postmarked prior to July 1 = $155.00
Postmarked after July 1 but prior to August 1 = $225.00
Postmarked after August 1 = $450.00

A limited license will automatically go into 'expired' status if not renewed. An expired limited license may be reactivated upon application to the board. An individual is prohibited from practicing veterinary medicine on an expired license. A limited license that is in 'expired' status for more than four (4) years becomes void and that individual will be required to reapply for an Ohio license and meet all of the standard requirements.

A Limited Resident License cannot be renewed.

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