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Non-Renewal or Retirement

When a license is not renewed, the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board must determine if the veterinarian is still practicing in Ohio, or has moved out of state or has retired from the practice. When the Board is unable to determine the status of licensees, the county prosecutor may be enlisted to assist. To avoid the appearance of practicing with an expired license, it is imperative that the Board be notified of address changes when moving out of state and choosing not to renew, or deciding not to renew due to the retirement from practice.

When a veterinary medical license is placed in retirement, the licensee may not practice veterinary medicine in Ohio at any time. The R.C. 4741 does not have provisions for doing relief work while retired. Failure to renew also affects DEA registration and USDA-APHIS accreditation as both require a current, unencumbered license issued by the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board.

The current requirements to reactivate retired or non current licenses are: (1) all past continuing education hours must be acquired; and (2) all renewal fees must be paid. The amount of the renewal fee would be determined by the submission date. The higher fee for late renewal would be in force. If a license is not brought current for two bienniums, (four years) it becomes null and void. The licensee would then have to apply for a new license in order to practice veterinary medicine again in the state of Ohio.

Practicing with a non-current license is a violation of R.C. 4741.22 (T) and makes the licensee liable for administrative and/or civil action.


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